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Grape Access Guide

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Solana Hackathon

We are pleased to announce that GRAPE won the 2nd place prize in the Web3 Track (May 15th - June 7th 2021). Thank you for your continuous support! Congratulations to all the other winners and participants.


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Grape Access

  • Connecting members social accounts to unique cryptographic keys is at the core of our Dynamic Balance-Based Membership solution.
  • Users gain permission and access rights based on their wallets balances, providing direct proof of "Skin in the Game" for every community member.
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Multi-Coin configurations

  • Our Dynamic Balance-Based Membership supports all Solana tokens.
  • Use your SPL token, token pairs (ie SOL-SRM) and even LP tokens to set your permissions.
  • Adjust amounts based on the exclusivity you want for unique channel experiences.
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Community driven DAO

  • A Decentralized Autonomous Organization is the perfect structure for revenue generating groups.
  • Members and leaders can decide together the direction the collective is heading.
  • It can range from simple binary decisions to complicated strategic value-creating moves.
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Restore the community

  • If disaster strikes, the community can be recreated from scratch.
  • User's social accounts, permissions, roles , and achievements are stored forever in the Solana Blockchain, ensuring the identification of members even after the community has been de-platformed.
  • The community is now censorship resistant!
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User and server stats

  • Aggregate community and user verifiable statistics that will last forever, powered by Solana.
Moderator free membership adjustment

Moderator-free membership adjustment

  • Constant engagement and moderation is a time-intensive task for group admins.
  • Our Dynamic Balance-Based Membership tools promote user activity and assign the appropriate roles without the need of a server administrator.


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